Change the Future by Voice

Create the tailor-made speech recognition solutions for your business. 

Change the Future by Voice

Create the tailor-made speech recognition solutions for your business. 

NERV is a company that develops tailor-made speech recognition solutions for you to enable business growth and be more competitive in the market. 

Our solutions can help you enhance customer experience and reduce operating cost by improving the business efficiency. 




Tailor-made solution to suit your business need. To have the best performance, the system and model are trained for your own use case and domain


Far Field Detection

Detection capability from far distance. It can be up to 2 meters far from user.


Mixed Languages

Our technology can recognize not only a single but also mixed languages in one speech.


Offline / Online Capability

Do not need to worry about internet connection. Our system can be implemented as embedded module and work perfectly in offline mode without network.


Accuracy Improvement

Keep fine-tuning the system and model. The accuracy can be improved time by time with intelligence behind.


Noise Tolerance

High detection rate under noisy environment with advanced handling logic.

Solutions & Use Cases


Speech Transcription

Convert speech of different languages into text format, e.g. transcription of meeting, generation of subtitle in movie, medical documentation.


Speaker Identification

Identify a person from characteristics of voices, e.g. customer identity authentication in phone banking system


Keywords Detection

Detect keywords or phrases from a speech in realtime based on the pre-set accuracy rate and threshold.


Command and Control

Fast and Convenient. Controlling devices and systems with speech. It also can assist persons with disabilities to use the device, e.g. automobile, IVR.



It is outdated to play video game with joypad or touch screen. Create your new generation game with innovative gameplay by adding voice control and interaction. Imagine commanding the game character by direct talking to him.

Our Products

Elevator assistant

Customers can tell the elevator which floor or which shop they want to go without pressing any button.

Mobile game - Speaking Dead

Players need to kill the zombies by speaking the words showing in the screen. It supports both English and Cantonese. 

The game is free for download in Google Play. Click here.

Our Customers & Partners







HKTDC SmartBiz expo 2018

We have placed a counter in HKTDC SmartBiz expo 2018 to show our products and to understand business requirement from other companies. We can see that speech recognition is an indispensable feature in digital devices and solutions in coming future. 


HKTDC SmartBiz expo 2018

Having an opportunity to give a speech in HKTDC SmartBiz expo 2018 to share the experience and insight about e-commerce market. The technology of speech recognition can definitely benefit the companies and enhance their competitiveness.


China Hi-Tech Fair 2018

The counter of Nerv in China Hi-Tech Fair 2018. We are showing the demo of mobile game Speak Dead in the cell phone.

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